Brick Ramsel

A silent ogre at WHAMESCO managed by Dangerly Mayhem with a taste for mediocre sandwiches. He has a habit of, upon defeating an opponent, unhinging his jaw and swallowing them.

It is said that Ramsel was birthed by the Mountain of Power Procession itself bodybuilding—that is, quite literally creating a body—through the absorption of the accumulated Slam Enerughee emitted by the blood, sweat, and rips and tears caused by the savage workout routines taking place on the summit. When approached and asked about the validity of such an account, as well as how it feels to have a mountain for a parent, Ramsel lifts the inquirer onto his shoulders and tosses them upward like pizza dough while falling backward. This behavior bewilders and embarrasses literally everyone and everything on G-Urth whether living, dead, inanimate, or Dangerly Mayhem.