Brick-starer Brango

Brick-starer Brango was an inhabitant of Ærøskøbingle who achieved fame by having, and winning, staring contests with bricks all over the world. There were no preexisting guidelines for such a contest, and a lack of input from the bricks. As such, in addition to what some onlookers deemed innate skill, Brango won every single contest.

The last time anyone saw Brango was when he was secluding himself to a fortress made entirely of bricks to have The Ultimate Brick-staring Contest. That was twenty years ago. Believers of Brango have faith that he is still fighting the good fight among that tremendous edifice, and will one day emerge victorious and ready to take on whatever may come.

Important Brick-staring Contests

Cultural Impact

Ærøskøbingle's citizens are not sure about the net positives of Brango being their most popular inhabitant.


Brango has a lesser-known brother, Badangus, who is an amateur musclelayer.