Brotherhood of Adluts

The Brotherhood of Adluts is an organization created by the Dorks of the Darkness. Their main objective is to cast the G-Urth in Darkness and proliferate the spread of Adlut Contemporary media until it becomes the Only Genre Ga. Other groups and nations recognize the Brotherhood as a bumbling group of bozos, whose mass casualties have one significant boon: over 10,000 years of written history written by incompetent but valuable primary sources. Despite their ineptitude, Brotherhood Brothers still manage to die in all sorts of unreachable places. In Hell alone, a few billion can be found every square foot.

The Brotherhood of Adluts are deeply afraid of "the Child" within all human souls. Despite this, most of the Brotherhood's membership is comprised of early adolescents. The Brotherhood of Adluts also has a peculiar trait for gathering useless macguffins, such as the Mirror of Fat, Goddu Mask, and Debiru Mask. All items have inconsistent use, and, ultimately, any use they have is extremely useless.

Another proud achievement of the Brotherhood was the creation of Brutalswing. The martial art remains practiced solely by Brotherhood Brothers.

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The Brotherhood of Adluts was founded by K'sobek, Connell, and Kamira. Their first efforts were to contain the sovereign in the Plane of Darkness, The Constipated Dumpking. Eventually the events spiraled out of their control and they managed to bring the Dark God of Disaster, Coxxus into the world, turn Gabriel Goblin into a goblin, and, essentially, destroy themselves.

The three founders eventually descended into the Darkness, leaving behind their bodies. These bodies died.