Burgburg's Funniest Home Videos

Burgburg's Funniest Home Videos (BBFHV) is a vile and sadistic Burgburger reality television program that focuses on sadistic voyeurism. Footage of people who are having a big hurt is re-contextualized for the sake of a hearty (sinful/devilsome) laugh. WHAMESCO has indicted BBFHV on the matter, issuing this statement: "Deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others from a third-person perspective is bad-to-the-bone. It's malice of the highest caliber. We at WHAMESCO humbly say that if you wanna see a bone break, break one yourself! We thereby charge all staff and audience of BBFHV with the label of Loathsome Losers. Your lot will naught be rewarded in Hell." A great irony is to be had, since BBFHV is hosted by comedian Barb Baguette who previously starred in Maximum Mansion as the powerful patriarch in a family of twenty-hundred. Reduced to a spokesman for bad videos, one has to wonder if Maximum Mansion is an outlier in his supposedly star-studded career.

The spread of sadism has heedlessly continued its steady campaign. Users on Faceslam post videos daily of people getting spanked on the butt, skeletons crashing their cars, and bingledorps being thrown into volcanoes.

WHAMESCO issued a further warning: "Those who use Faceslam are advised to block every user from their feed to protect their eyes from gruesome media, or, better yet, to delete their Faceslam account and slam faces in The Real."

Burgburg's Funniest Home Videos has been rated #2 on G-Urth's Most Harmful Media, surpassing Kusoge. The top spot is "Your Own Two Eyes."

Thernz has a habit of "accidentally" marathoning BBFHV with Burgburger annals on hand so that he can compulsively check obituaries of the same date and see if the unfortunate survived.