A bust is an artistic statement derived from the body. When flexing to the ultimate, artistic bodybuilders can produce a cast representation of themselves as their topmost skin cells harden into marble. From there, bodybuilders must somehow remove this outer shell and then sell for big profit. Most do this by vaporizing their bodies and escaping the bust from its tiny pores, reassembling outside afterwards. Some talented bust-makers can actually produce busts that recreate the likenesses of other muscular individuals. Said bodybuilders are also among the world's top fraud artists and identity thieves.

The bust usually only depicts the upper body and head. Bust-busting techniques still have problems when extracting bust-shells from the lower regions, particularly the Groinal Thrustineus.

Recently, some bust-makers have taken to crowd-funding platforms to increase profits by censoring the pectoral muscles of their busts to non-patrons and only releasing the pure breastible art to patrons. This would cause controversy, but unsavory peoples often upload the uncensored, unadulterated busts to the IB-PumpF within nanoseconds of a release, allowing all others to consume ravenously.

Ironically, bust also means to smash, bang, cram, or slam: verbs that strike fear in bust-makers.