Butch Deadlift

A one-hit-wonder band (see: "Slam Ram") that was forced to disband when its members were killed by a Slam Bomb. It was started by some teenagers in a small street who called themselves Smash Meatgroin. They had played rock music everywhere until they got an opportunity to make an album.

Piss was Butch Deadlift's third and final album, and the one on which "Slam Ram" appeared. The album is named after the song "Piss" to remind us that until today some people are still pissing on peace. During the recording of Piss, Butch Deadlift's guitarist and keyboardist caught Varicella (Chicken Pox) that they have to break the recording process for a moment of time. Butch Deadlift's other albums are unknown.

Butch Deadlift fans are known as "Butchers", and they have a reputation for devotion. They waved their Butch Deadlift flags, which consist of the word "Butch" shaped into a graffiti-style pectoralis major. They sang along with several punk-rock songs and performed a stadium-worthy call-and-response routine. According to one of the cover band guitarists, Bumbo, "Butchers" span all ages from children to adlut.