A feature of human anatomy so integral to relational dynamics that, without it, social, medical and psychological experts agree that things such as pornography, sexual intercourse, and even stupid dances would most likely not exist.

The butt is essentially an unthinking mound of fat with a line down the center, designated as the "crack" or "buttcrack." A butt makes sitting down comfortable. It also mysteriously invokes an urge in an observer of the butt to slap, squeeze, or bite it, provided the butt is desirable/desirous enough. For this reason, the butt has sometimes been likened to a similarly plump and/or jiggly delectable, e.g., a bun, jello, or pudding.

Butts were once the main target of corporal punishment of children, and were either spanked with the hand or a switch (punishment has since been replaced with the less cruel act of slamming, via a Slam-Cannon, the offending child into outer space).

Delinquents, pranksters, and demons are fond of exposing or drawing attention to their butts in an attempt to anger, shock, embarrass, and/or frustratingly arouse pedestrians. This often works, thanks to the butt's common treatment as an "inappropriate body part."

The butt was recently named Lord of Eros by JAMA (the Journal of the Assinine Medical Association).