Carcore is an excessively hit sport and music genre in the Land of Taiyou. It involves cars being as obnoxiously loud and as obnoxiously fast as possible as the skeleton-drivers maneuver their screeching hell-machines through obstacle courses.

Carcore is a game of High Skill and Extreme Yomi. Racers must not only outperform their rival racers, but also be able to string together beautiful cacophonies of noise through their racing. In essence, carcore is the supreme sport where competition and cooperation are one and the same. Skeletons jam as they slam the pedal to the metal.

Despite efforts to export carcore to other countries, it has remained a niche sport outside of Taiyou. Presumably this is because carcore's harsh noises explode ear drums (something which skeletons do not possess).

In carcore, drifting usually produces a sound similar to three thousand crying babbies clawing at a blackboard with reverb effects.