Certain Country

A country of men and heroes, of sorrow and heroics, of religion and duty. A land of extremes. It is covered mostly in sand and is incredibly hot during the day but mercilessly cold at night. Due to the harsh living conditions and the strict religion that governs the area, the people of this country have become very powerful and strong-willed.

Certain Country holds the largest number of Giga Macho and Video Muscle Xtreme stores, even though inventories are severely undercut by the Caliph's censorship of material deemed too pathetic to show to the muscular masses of his people. A large number of Giga Macho stores have been overrun, and this is no exception in Certain Country, but the Caliph decided to take an alternate approach to the demonic debacle. Rather than bomb the stores, the Caliph has declared them, "Free Murder Zones." In contrast, the Video Muscle Xtreme stores are demon-less. Some say the "X" on the Video Muscle Xtreme sign kept demons away.

The original resting place of the Fist of the G-Arm was located in the town of Garm, Certain Country. Today, it is known for is abundant population of dogs. So well-known is this fact that every dog in Certain Country is named Garm.