Chateauvania is a mysterious Dracula castle that is a creature of chaos. It is said to house the spirit of Devin Meroslouch within its walls, and is the home of Shin Dracula, the True Dracula. Within the walls of Chateauvania, one can hear the disembodied voices of the missing Devin, and some proclaim that Devin is now the castle walls themselves. It is not certain if he is talking to someone or just himself.

If an adventurer were to enter the barracks where all the soldiers learn to fight, they would hear the castle talk passionately about fighting games. Saying Diplo three times in front of a mirror will cause a pillar to erupt from the floor and shatter, revealing Diplo. This Diplo will then shout, "Ha Ha Ha! It Was Me, Diplo!"

One time, Aluvor C. rearranged the furniture in Chateauvania so that his father, Dragbriel Vamblin, would not stumble around and get lost as he always does. Dragbriel still ended up stumbling around the castle for hours even with the Voice of Chateauvania guiding him. Eventually, Chateauvania got frustrated and created a bottomless pit around Dragbriel in the hope that Dragbriel would die. However, this only caused Dragbriel to turn into a puff of blood each time he fell. After ten or so times, Chateauvania revoked the hole and gave up. If Dragbriel had died, Chateauvania, which is linked to Dragbriel, would have fallen with him. That Chateauvania was so flustered by Dragbriel proves that Dragbriel is very powerful.

Chateauvania also houses a winery. Its finest wine, Dracula Special Vintage of 1986, naturally separates into layers of fine fermented grape juice and RAF Bomber Command-issue brake fluid, necessitating that every sip be carefully planned. Later vintages replace this essential ingredient with weaker alternatives, progressively including grain alcohol, antifreeze, root beer and Coxxus's piss. In modern bottlings, the process of maturing was perfected to the point that it could even be reversed.