Cider and Truffles

Cider and Truffles are two Apocryphal Slam Gods that are widely revered among avian species. Each has their own storied history, but the two are often grouped together because of their association with The Witch of G who terrorized the Greater Finland Territories ruled by the ice giants. Eventually, everything was destroyed, so The Witch of G freed both avian gods. They migrated south into Finland and acquired many fans among the bird community for their non-rotund physique. Some birds argue that their bodies are too anthropomorphic and are complicit in idealizing the human body over the bird.

Cider the Black Steel

Cider was originally named Cinder because he turned everything into cinders. He was subjected to discrimination by employers, being typecast as an arsonist, so he dropped the "n." He now enjoys a job as an employed arsonist. Still, he feels a distinct emptiness in his chest, and often spends most of his time near the windowsill, sighing as cold air obscures his vision of the future.

Truffles the Steel Avenger

Truffles' name is thought of as a misnomer among many naive and baka etymologists. She is not named after truffles, the fungus or candy; rather, her name comes from a combination of "ROUGH" and "T." "T" stands for "TOUGH." "Les" stands for her support of lesbianism. Truffles is a proud rights activist and likes to drag Cider to pride festivals and parades.

Truffles's full name is Tough n' Rough Lesbianism. She has 300 girlfriends.

Together They Form

Both primarily act as buffers. Incredibly, this means they buff a tertiary person rather than use the power of buff to crush enemies. It's very confusing. They are currently searching for a new patron to make use of their powers.