Civilisaurs are a group of giant lizards who have established civilization throughout the banks of Certain Country. Civilisaurs, unlike dinosaurs, are the Intelligent Creature, and actively trade, farm, and participate in public forums. Civilisaurs have various encampments through out the Certain Sandsea wherein beasts of bloodlust roam. When questioned about their dinosaur hunting activities, civilisaurs have scoffed at how humans kill their relatives, the goblin.

Civilisaurs enjoy a high status in Certain cities, and some have long-standing careers as politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, clergymen, and generals. Few civilisaurs, however, partake in the Certain rituals of wrestling. Civilisaurs are similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and have stubby arms. Although these arms can lift several megatons, the impractical length makes them ineffective for grappling. Nevertheless, several civilisaurs practice striking martial arts, such as boxing and Kyokushin Karate, and have developed several boxing techniques, including bobbing-and-weaving to close distances between themselves and their opponents. Civilisaurs are also known in folklore for teaching the Southern Dragon Shaolin School the One Inch Punch.

Civilisaurs do not adhere to the worship of the Neo Slam Gods, and instead practice reptile worship. Small lizards are prized in civilisaur communities, and many keep geckos, iguanas, and the sort as pets who are also acknowledged as patron spirits. Several civilisaurs have taken up komodo dragons as pets, and many reactionaries believe this to be a matter of "Insecure About Own Dock."

Civilisaur technology is usually retrofitted with human technology, but there are exceptions. For example, humans have adapted various technology from civilisaurs, including calculators, telescopes, and insect repellent. Lack of expansionism and racism contributes to the civilisaurs' small habitat range, in contrast to humans being huge selfish jerks.