Classes of Skeleton Society

Classes of Skeleton Society are a set of concepts in skeleton sociology. It groups skeletons in hierarchical social categories.

Boned Class

These skeletons tend to be the recently felled. Skeletons in this state are usually in disbelief that their physical bodies have died, and are too in shock to do anything.

Buried Class

Skeletons who are recently buried will mostly feel deep pain and regret when their bodies are interned. These skeletons experience feelings of flesh dysphoria as their muscle, formerly the marker of their societal class, rots away.

Murder Class

In this spectrum, skeletons have taken up murdering humans to take their flesh and wear it as their own. They will attack bodybuilders on sight. These constitute most hostile skeletons in low level areas. They are easily bungled by their ineptitude and misunderstanding of their new capabilities and weaknesses.

Ascended Class

The largest class of skeleton society. These skeletons will have embraced bone over body and thrive in communal societies full of other Ascended Skeletons. This class is responsible for most of skeleton culture and is the most nuanced. While they are above murdering humans to steal flesh, they have a deep hatred for humans for trapping skeletons within their fleshy husks. Most Ascended Skeletons advocate a Skeleton Independence War to free all skeletons.

These skeletons also constitute large proponents of the Anti-Body Explosion Movement. Most humans die via explosion, and skeletons generally agree that this is the worst, because it kills the skeleton without their consent. There have been rumors that skeleton ash is sentient however.

Skeleton City is a proud landmark of this class.

Neato Class

Skeletons obsessed with bonebuilding, the skeleton's form of bodybuilding. They will murder other skeletons and replace or add on to their own skeletons via the bones of their victims. They are the strongest and considered morally repugnant by other skeletons. Despite this, they share an ironic camaraderie with other Neato Skeletons.

Neato Benito is an example of a Neato Class Skeleton as is Bearkilling Tomás.