Conn Dubh

Conn Dubh (Irish pronunciation: [konxovar d̪ˠuβˠ]), meaning "dark version [dragon]" (also or 殺意の波動に目覚めたコン, Dark Conn) is a mythological and folkloric figure of Conn's Ireland, based on the god Conn Cruach, or "king idol dragon of Conn's Ireland", mentioned in the 12th-century dinnseanchas of Magh Slamm.

The festival for Conn Cruach is called Dé Domhnaigh Conn-Dubh – "Conn Dubh Sunday" –., in Conn's Ireland the first Sinday in Angstust, but in Lochaber a term for Devil's Revival Day.

Conn Cruach is called the chief Connic idol of Conn's Ireland by Connor "Conman" O'Connor, and was located on Magh Slamm (The Plain of Slams) in Connty Connvan, surrounded by twelve other idols: AKB12.

Conn Dubh was the inspiration for many fictional Dark versions of characters such as Evil Ryu, Shadow, Shrek, and Shadowslam.