Consumpto Plumpy

One of the top food eaters in all of G-Urth, it's said that he's never been hungry in his entire life.

He disappeared for a long time while still young for unknown reasons. Believing he'd simply eaten himself in the ultimate act of gluttony, the public forgot about him until he appeared on the cover of Cryptogeology Weekly, having been mistaken for a Wobble Mountain.

While in his younger days he would eat any kind of food he could get his plumpers on, after his reappearance his attention became focused exclusively on bread. It's estimated that this big boy's responsible for 100% of all bread consumption on the planet.

He makes his living by going to bread-baking contests as an expert judge, and it is in fact impossible to hold a bread-baking contest without him as anyone other than him eating bread will cause him to throw a mega tantrum that could split the planet in two.

He can only move by being driven around by a bulldozer, and the only thing he knows how to say is "More".

What A Big Boy

He's so fat that he gave Dracula diabetes. He's so fat he's on both sides of the family. He's so fat he has two watches one for each time zone he's in. He's so fat when he stepped on the scale, the doctor said "Holy Crap, That's My Phone Number." He's so fat, he's "Large, Single, and ready to Pringle." He's so fat he went bungee jumping and went straight to hell. He's so fat he fell in love and broke it. He's so fat he jumped up in the air and got stuck; it took a team of philosophers to reason him out of the situation.

Belly Science

It's a mystery to everyone how he manages to maintain his plump while eating only bread. The prevailing theory is that his tummy is so packed with bread and fat, the pressure causes such heat that the bread constantly expands, plumping him well beyond the normal levels attainable simply by eating.