A Cordeli, also known as the Cordell Classic, is a sandwich made of soft french fresh sourdough bread and teriyaki sauce poured on the bread which is then grilled to grill-mark-level. The bread's soak potentiality is undetermined, so it may be a light tip, light brushing, or a deep drowning of the bread senses. There is no meat — only tofu with soy sauce that is also grilled. Make sure there are pan sears on the soy sauce. Next, test a lettuce's mettle. Two pieces lettuce, two pieces spinach, two pieces romaine, two pieces iceberg. After lettuce is implemented, red vine tomato and yellow vine tomato cooked in a sauce pan and then mayonnaise is added, chopped, and mixed. Teriyaki sauce is added to that relish. Then, finally, thin slices of pineapples to add a sour (questionable) taste.

Optional Ingredient

  • Pistachios, just so you have a reason to finally buy a bag of pistachios.