Cotrangl is a deep ocean predator, an extremely huge manta ray with uncanny abilities, such as flight and the ability to breathe in air (unlike most other aquatic creatures who cannot survive in air).

Though living a life of great luxury, snacking on deep ocean critters (which are considered delicacies by shallow water residents), Cotrangl was different from his peers. He longed to have an intellectual life, and though he rarely saw them, he longed to live among humans. One day, his impulsive nature led him to jump out of the ocean and try to integrate into human society, but he was too huge and hideous and a hunting order was quickly issued. Not only carrying wounds on his body, but also in his beautiful heart, Cotrangl retreated back into the ocean and meditated for the next ten million years, eventually gaining the ability to transform into a human being.

Going ashore again, this time he tried out his new ability and he was well-received. This made him extremely happy and he accidentally formed a manta sting, stinging a nearby man and killing him, though nobody noticed. Eventually, Cotrangl would find the World Heritage Amicable Muscular Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization. Gemmy Hurt, the Mouth of the Far East, recognised Cotrangl's uncanny combat ability, even without Cotrangl demonstrating it, and quickly asked him to sign up as a wrestler.

Billed as a heel coming from "The Deepest Depths of Darkness" on his own suggestion, Cotrangl took on the angle of a deep sea monster-wrestling gold medallist. Having been left unsatisfied after wrestling with such horrors for decades, he has now come to see what kind of power the humans on the surface hold. He would usually boast about his gold medal and his perfect technique, and in reply, the fans would affectionately cheer "YOU COCK!" several times, rhythmically. Critics praised his elegant yet fierce and powerful style, mentioning that it truly went hand-in-hand with his angle.

He has won the WHAMESCO Championship Belt a hundred times, and the Hardcore Wrestling Belt ten thousand times in his career, involving a long, drawn-out feud with fellow wrestler Giggo the Giant. Many fans found this feud to have been executed tastelessly and got bored by the time Cotrangl won the Hardcore Belt for the 500th time.