Coxenburg Invertida

Coxenburg Invertida is a mysterious dungeon beneath the supposed core of Coxenburg. It is considered separate from the rest of Coxenburg, as its only connection with the grandiose castle is a wooden hatch. The hatch has parchment on it that reads, "ONLY COOL NERDS. ALLOWED. YOUR NOT COOL."

When archaeologists explored the dank dungeon, they discovered that it was an inverted version of the castle. Upon further investigation, the only things of value discovered were the mummified remains of various goblins in shades. Further expeditions led by actual adventurers revealed high numbers of Super Deformed Satans, and the existence of Kudlaks, Draculas who hang out on the ceilings of Coxenburg Invertida. Appropriately, they hang upside down.

Despite its appearance as a carbon copy of Coxenburg, the site appears to be ancient and perhaps existed before the conception of existence itself.