Cramtacular, a relatively young Slam God, sought to recover the G-Slam Power before the Dark Slam Gods. G-Slam Power, the power of the Original Slam Gods, lost after they exited this realm ten thousand years ago. It was rumored that they could slam at least nine-thousand times per second. The Dark Slam Gods's efforts involved slamming through dimensions to find the source of G-Slam Power. Eventually, with Giga Jammer, Cramtacular managed to find the G-Slam Power and they were both torn from existence. While this may seem apocryphal, the story is still passed around as True Fact to warn children like the idiom, "Curiosity Slammed the Cat."

Hidden G Power ended up becoming the true G in Powers, and a day celebrating the futility of Cramtacular's death when the Dark Slam Gods could have found the G-Slam Power and vaporized themselves is practiced all around the world, especially in Connada where it is considered especially ironic.

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