The rowdiest and least serious member of the Neo Slam Gods. Because of his irreverence and disregard for personal harm, Crashcombo is well-known among his kin for devising last-ditch efforts during conflicts with the Dark Slam Gods that shock and amaze both sides with their ingenuity, bombast, and humor. For this he is most valued.

However, his character has a conflicting effect upon the other Neo Slam Gods. Rarely does he take any event seriously (barring life-or-death situations), and he is prone to ordering so much pizza that the Cradle of Cram must be cleaned and organized nearly every other day.

Crashcombo has a habit of building brick walls so he can smash through them while yelling, "Crash! Smash! Bash! Slash!" He will not forgive anyone who uses "crash" in a sentence which excludes a rhyming word (to avoid this annoyance, the Neo Slam Gods refer to him as Combo or CC).

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Harrowing Bash Dangerous Crash

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