☠Crossbones Kent☠

☠Crossbones Kent☠ was a terrible skeleton who killed anyone who did not spell his name correctly. The ☠ was required to be rendered in meticulous detail. ☠Crossbones Kent☠ expanded his vendetta in the computer realm, trying to come up with viruses that destroyed fonts that failed to correctly render his name.

☠Crossbones Kent☠ was soon overwhelmed when a vigilante hacker group, F.O.N.T.F.R.O.N.T., started releasing billions of batches of fonts that rendered ☠ as a huge ass. Reaching his limit, ☠Crossbones Kent☠ exploded into smithereens.

Diligent adventurers gathered every dust particle that was once ☠Crossbones Kent☠ and made a soup with it. They fed this to a Muscle Satan, believing that anyone who ingested the ☠Crossbones Chowder☠ would gain the same weakness. The adventurers proceeded to spell ☠Crossbones Kent☠ as "✞Crossbooner CUNT✞" in an effort to destroy the demon.

It did not work, and the Muscle Satan killed the group of adventurers. Thank God.