Cult Of Slogra

The Cult Of Slogra was a fringe Drakonstranan religious group that was based on the worship of slogra, a demon depicted with a long sharp beak and an emaciated but muscular body. The slogra were known for their impressive bipedal movement, 1,000 meter jumping ability, and symbiotic relationship with gaibons, a type of lesser wyvern whose pigmentation can turn red when angry (possibly related to Satan). As the slogra neared extinction due to being too cool, many cultists sought a pact with the Dark Slam God of Death, Badend, to grant the last remaining slogra immortality. In exchange, the cultists' free will was stripped and they became the compatriots of Badend. In essence, the Cult of Slogra evolved from a mere pagan faith to the most blasphemous ideology on G-Urth.

But because of Drakonstrana's extreme cold and isolation, no Slam nation was able to pull off a successful crusade to kill the Drakonstranans off. Over time, the precedent that an invasion on Drakonstrana would end in failure was regarded as ultimate fact. However, within Drakonstrana, serfs began to become fascinated with Slam media, such as SLAM SHACK and the population slowly converted to Slamming. And thus, Slamming became the voice of freedom in dragon-shackled Drakonstrana. Unfortunately, because Drakonstrana was and still is ruled by dragons, all attempts at revolution have ended in charred death. The Cult of Slogra remains prominent among nobility, and Duke Von Gaibon, a naturalized Chapelperson, still adheres to several Cult of Slogra tenets— like being considerate and generous. Once Duke Von Gaibon gave Thernz a burlap sack of Stones of Ephemeral Eyes only for Thernz to consume them all in five minutes without so much as saying thanks.

Members of the Cult of Slogra tend to wear masks with large beaks stuffed with the scent of slogra, and train to jump using special tridents called Dinodingers. When disarmed of their Dinodinger, these cultists still pose a heavy threat as they can jab with their beaked mask at high velocities approaching Mega. They are also strangely fond of coffins and worship Draculas, an inferior subhuman species, for mysterious reasons.