D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s., a.k.a. Dumbshit Butt Evil Corp. (DBEC), is a corporation that does something in public but is secretly a vessel for demons seeking the resurrection of Satan (Satan recently tripped and accidentally flushed himself down an uncompromising toilet). The company is, in fact, just a storage facility for Big Butt Satans who impetuously fart into vents that connect to all homes in the city in the attempt to transform citizens into satanic Demons. So far, this has only caused people to move away.

D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. is the main manufacturer of Hell Satan Butt Gas and Hell Satan Butt Soda. The soda is not related to the Demon Henshin Plan. Satan merely wanted to get into the soda business after finding out that "Coca-Cola" was the most recognized phrase in the world after "PUMPMUSCLE." Research in the Demon Henshin Plan is based on the Autobots and Gene-Slamming, but scientist demons are missing key algorithms in the puzzle. Demons are too prideful to ask the Dark Slam Gods for assistance.

The company's director is a huge Canon Lizardman who has been kidnapping innocent people to experiment upon them, and is planning on turning millions of folk into slavering devils. Being devils themselves, the corporation's employees have gathered an excess amount of profits from dumbshit consumers. The money not used in the Demon Henshin Plan is usually curtailed to other projects: Project SATAN, cloning Diplo, and creating the Decepticonns. D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. is keeping a tight lid on their goings-on…

Satan, while still alive, is too afraid to tell the director otherwise. He has been seen vacationing in Canconn about a dozen hundred times in recent weeks.

D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s.'s mascot is Ass Debiru Demon.