D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. City

D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. City is the modern Eurumpean city that appears in the documentary, "I Slam in the Back of my Dragula."

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Built over the half-ruins of the Final Shin Dracula Castle, D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. City was founded by the great family of the Why-Gods. Settlement started after the Great Explosion, wherein the resulting Dracula hole exposed an ancient and abandoned dwarven polis resembling the future architecture of G-urth.

After the Great Explosion, the site was considered to be cursed. This superstition faded away when the Fall of the Chapel occurred and people realized the Great Explosion wasn't a big deal da ga yo (in comparison).

Many people can't get over how shit dumb the name sounds and refuse to believe it. Popular opinion holds that Why-Gods City is the better name.

The city is currently seemingly abandoned, except for hideous (more than usual) demons and dwarven mecha-riding law enforcers. Law enforcement is the usual crop: people who will destroy anyone else at sight. Luckily, this mostly means wandering draculas.


  • Church of Mat Daemon - Place of reverence for the Old God, Mat Daemon, patron demon of floor mats. A popular tourist hub, it gathers large crowds of people who proceed to piss all over the mat which is supposedly a dormant Mat Daemon.
  • BIOQUIMEK Corporation - A subsidiary of D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s.. Has infractions against it for pumping fart gas into homes.
  • D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. Secret Hideout (in fact the city's entirety) - Headquarters of the Dumbshit Butt Evil Corp.
  • Downertown - Famed part of the city where losers drink away their sorrows with SadSlurp™ Drinks.
  • BurnHARD Official Arsonists' Union - Location of the Other G-Arms, the Chaos Claws: a legendary pair of gauntlets that accentuate Brutalswing's potential by removing its one strength, range, in exchange for 1% more buff.
  • Toy Maker's Workshop - Presumably a portal to Heck.
  • Karamelliverhot's Lair - Tomb of the deceased goblin and God of Candy, it is entirely constructed of bookshelves and balconies. No one goes in, out of fear of books. Humans have hallucinated seeing their love interests within its chambers, who proceeded to suck blood out of them. This escalates to impaling the hallucination via sexual innuendo. Confounded, the people will wander out of the lair and get teleported elsewhere in the city without explanation. When Nightmare visited this attraction, he went through it several dozen times over and over again to experience the Joy of Killing.
  • City of the Danged - Volcanic undercroft located beneath the city. Despite its name, it is not a city but instead a hellhole filled with Armored Goblins. Final Dungeon Enemies mysteriously take up their residency here as well, alluding to the possibility that Coxenburg and the City of the Danged are related. There is a store here, but no one ever visits it now. Presumably, the only person who did trapped the shopkeeper into a clang cell pit after hearing their insufferable voice.