Dag Infinite

A self-portrait by Dag Infinite made with his unique metal-melting sweatdrops.

Dag Infinite is a world-famous bodybuilder, known for his perfectly chiselled body. He graduated from Lord King God University with a summa cum laude, and is one of the more intelligent people in the world. Always seen with a sparkling grin of infinite happiness on his face, Dag loves to help the poor and needy, but has a bad temper, as well. Rumours saying that he is a user of Muscle Force abound, and sure enough, he has shown in many Strongman competitions that he is capable of amazing feats of strength. His explicit use of Muscle Force has, however, not been proven. He can always be seen wearing a bright yellow Speedo, usually with a shirt, when in public areas other than the beach (which is where he spends most of his time). Dag also loves amusement parks.

Dag Infinite has won the Ho Most Handsome competition in Paris several thousand times, losing only once when Nightmare entered the competition. To this end, he still holds a grudge against the Certain Easterner, but he tries not to think about it. He won every other competition afterwards, and has also gotten first place in many bodybuilding and Strongman competitions. His catchphrase, which has become a worldwide phenomena, is "Infinite is our potential, and Dag is infinite!" He was criticized for bragging, but he shrugged it off and flexed, forming the symbol of infinity with his body.

One of the more famous moments of Dag Infinite lore was when he met an unenthusiastic, depressed old man who cursed his own luck, saying "Dagnabbit!" However, Dag Infinite replied, "Dagnabbit, you say, but Dag Infinite, I say!" This one sentence destroyed the old man's depression and won Dag the Nobel Peace Prize. It also became the most frequently printed phrase in Dag Infinite merchandise, such as Infinity Energy Drinks and Dag Shirts.

Dag is married to Jennica Bojungle. While proposing on his knee, Dag is said to have punched into the G-Urth, making all of the ice cream within a ten mile radius fly into the sky and come back down near Jennica, reassembling as a giant dollop of Every Flavor ice cream. The couple is known to go to amusement parks at least two hundred times a year.