Dag Manor

Dag Manor is Dag Infinite's house, and is the ultimate expression of Dag's wealth and ego.


To make sure that he had enough real estate to realize his dreams, Dag purchased the Midwest portion of Slamerica for an undisclosed amount of money and hired the renowned architecture firm of MackGenley, Hoof, & Briggum. He provided them with several keywords for its design, such as "fireplaces", "spike pits", and "erotic jacuzzis."

When all was said and done, Dag Manor was not only the largest architectural unit on G-Urth but also the most square footage devoted to a single person. Both of these record-breakers pleased Dag immensely, and he thusly rewarded MackGenley, Hoof, & Briggum with a glossy signed using an invisible marker.


Dag abhors visitors, even if they are acquaintances or friends, as they take away from his precious self-worship time. His manor's ceilings are designed to be just low enough to inspire an intense depression, compelling them to leave within mere minutes.

The manor is mainly comprised of vaguely hexagonal adjoining rooms spotted by curtained beds, a fireplace (or two) in the middle of the room, nauseatingly clashing decor, and inappropriately classical motifs. There are also a lot of spike pits which can be cleared only by using a hidden technique known as the Dag Jamp.

Unbeknownst to many, Dag Manor also doubles as a hellish gauntlet when Dag presses The Trick Button, located in the furthest reaches of the mansion's G-Level basement. This sets up a variety of deadly booby traps, such as dart-firing mechanisms and chainsaw maniacs, that make the already bewilderingly huge premises even harder to navigate.

Dag Manor is also known as the Chamber of Infinite — a reference to Dag's surname and also to how the house seems to go on forever.