Damo Czukay

Also known as "Pig from Satan World" and "Hamhanded Hellshock Headhorror." Damo is actually a noble soul, and his fearsome reputation is built upon misinformation and physiognomic bias. During a quest, he had to wait five years in the same spot for a couple of adventurers (said to have been Diplo and Duke Von Gaibon) to agree to help him fight the Four Bings. Another time, he teamed up with Peklo to brawl a colossal bull demon for a plaintive village. For extra challenge, they agreed to perform the feat with their bare fists. Although they succeeded in subduing the bull demon before it could even react, Damo and Peklo increased the property damage a hundredfold by smashing the housewares of every shelf they could find. With all of his offensive and defensive equipment, Damo weighs 3,850 pounds. Amazingly, while he never lessens his load and is always pushing his body to the limit, he has not lost an ounce of weight, and remains maximum plump.

Damo wields three hammers at once, collectively dubbed Nachos Supreme. On their own, they are Demondoomer, Butterball, and Jennica (representing his obsession with Jennica Bojungle). Damo has a habit of slamming his hammer downward to create a two-feet-radius shockwave. It totally misses its target most of the time. The only instance of Damo hitting someone with this technique was when he met Dag Infinite and attempted to slam the gargantuan giant out of jealousy. Dag was too absorbed in himself to deflect the attack and was hospitalized for a minor scratch. Damo says it was his proudest moment.

One time, Damo fell down a well after clearing an entire submerged city (colloquially known as Haunted GeistHölle) of ghosts and Skeletors.