Faithful dog of Badder Tumblegood. Danny would take a bullet.

When Badder was a little lad and drowning in a 2-feet-deep river close to his family's mansion, Danny leaped to his rescue and dragged his unconscious body home. This was how Danny was indoctrinated into the Tumblegood Estate, for, before this, he was merely a (noble, mind) stray. Danny and Badder continued to have many adventures along the countryside that were compiled in the popular book, Of Boy and Bark.

Sadly, Danny met his end when the local ruffian Deeo "Dumpstromm" Brendo and his demented father, Brandy Brendo, trapped Danny in a box and pushed him into a volcano. Deeo claimed that this was done in order to test his hypothesis (for a school essay) that the hair of those with large muscles would turn golden when they were pushed to the emotional brink. Badder's hair did not change; however, he did make the Brendos' bodies explode with his Maximum Tumble Rumble technique.

Danny's remains were recovered from the volcano by a Tumblegood butler and were buried at Howl Hill. Badder kept one of Danny's bones, for he could sense a presence within it. This bone is Jon Bonner.