Dark Mals

A non-canonical mythological figure tied to the events in the Book of Slams, the "Mals" in its name being a reversal of "Slam", thus indicating its supposed birth by a slight error during the Babby Slam. Some believe it to be in an eternal struggle with the since-departed Original Slam Gods; others think that the Slam Gods have been searching for it in an effort to eradicate it.

The Dark Mals is primarily used as a means of explaining how some of the Neo Slam Gods could have adopted an evil nature and become the Dark Slam Gods. Though its depictions are diverse, most of them are a variation on the image of a dark dragon so large that galaxies are like pebbles compared to its body. It hangs onto the edge of the universe, unendingly shooting out Galactic Bonners that snuff out millions of galaxies in an instant and negatively affect the souls of beings beyond, mortal and deistic.

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