Dark Slam Gods

Numbering six in total, the Dark Slam Gods were at first allied with the other six Neo Slam Gods. Their original names are unknown, and they are now referred to as Shadowslam, Wrigguhlromm, Negabomb, Damndeeder, Ultraminus, and Badend.

Long ago, millennia passed by as the Neo Slam Gods acted as the untouchable stewards of G-Urth; yet, in time, there were stirrings of unease and discontent within the group. Where had the Original Slam Gods gone? Why did the G-Urth belong to non-deities, who could barely handle the banal tasks of the everyday? And wasn't the relative puniness of the Neo Slam Gods' assigned domain limiting their potential? Relations became strained, and the one now named Shadowslam committed himself to research on arcane Slamology and training his body using methods deemed unnatural, base, and even dangerous. Shadowslam wanted to expand his mental and physical range, so allured he was by the vaguely residual yet still-potent energies of the Original Slam Gods; he wanted to learn the deeper, slamtastic mysteries of the cosmos, and partake in intergalactic conflicts to better actualize his muscleself.

His obsession was, to a degree, infectious, and he succeeded in converting five others to his side. Meeting in secret, this group called itself T.R.U.E.S.L.A.M. (True Release Unto Eternity Secures Longevity, Action, and Mega), and endeavored to create a turgid manifesto to forever live by. Soon, Shadowslam's focus on potentiality turned to an interest in actually surpassing the Original Slam Gods and reshaping the destiny of the universe towards a new end. By then, the others' involvement was significant enough that such madness was embraced.

These moralistic divergences were discovered when Crashcombo returned from his duties early one day, twenty pizzas in one hand, and accidentally happened upon T.R.U.E.S.L.A.M. in the midst of a dark ritual. Shadowslam, always the sly one, took the opportunity to attempt to convert C.C., but this effort was futile. Crashcombo, without a moment's delay, notified Pumpatron and co. about the veiled perversion that had been festering on high for over a year. Shadowslam and the other five were booted out of their lofty abode when Pumpatron found their doctrine unmovable.

To this day, the fabric of the Neo Slam Gods remains shaken by this event. The Dark Slam Gods' place of residence has never been found. It is hypothesized that they live in a suspended fortress, called Bastion of Final Hell, somewhere above the permanently stormy clouds of God Hell Island. Most of the Dark Slam Gods' activities involve corrupting the heart of humanity, testing the patience of their good counterparts, and advancing their techniques so that they can one day traverse space, faster than light, and confront the Original Slam Gods, wherever they may be.

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