Dead Lift

An exercise that originated from the SRC, after both Slammers and Rammers were in excess of corpses. This powerlifting event happens after the Deadly Bouts. Surviving lifters are to carry the weight of their dead foes along with standard weights off the floor to approximately waist height. The lifter must stand Perfectly Erect, Shoulders Back. If not, they are slammed to the ground until killed by Glum Rammer Lords. They are thence used by other lifters to dead lift. This usually continues until only a handful of lifters are left. Handful in this case means how much Biggest Papa Pump can carry in one hand. That's approximately one hundred lifters to one lifter, depending on their power level.

The use of undomesticated Glum Rammer Lords has led to several misjudged rammings of lifters onto the floor, as Glum Rammer Lords have a tendency to want to kill anymore or get really jealous of lifters, which led to several protests that other demons be used. WHABESCO, the World Heritage Amicable Bodybuilder Explosive Scientific and Cultural Organization, responded with a simple no. However, when Nightmare entered the competitions, every Glum Rammer Lord that spotted him would try to kill him in the dead lifting competition. They were all thoroughly killed. Finally WHABESCO's president, Bumrum Wrasslehon, decided that the demons be replaced with Tickle Tacklers. While they are not Killing Level demons, they could tickle a lifter to the extent where they'd drop the weight on themselves, thereby killing them. Tickle Tacklers have no sense of jealousy, but they also have more remorse so this only led to the dead lifting competition to being even more deadly dangerous.