Deeo Dumpstromm Brendo

Son of Brandy Brendo. He was destroyed by Badder Tumblegood when he and Brandy killed Badder's dog, Danny.

Deeo's hobbies included throwing knives, backflipping out of carriages, and pretending that he was a vampire.

Deep down, Deeo hated his father for never achieving anything, yet he begrudgingly found him to be an invaluable accomplice in his evil plans, such as hiring criminals to hide in horses' bodies and explode out of them when ladies and gentlemen walked by the stables.

Deeo thought he could stop time for five seconds. He activated this "ability" by flinging his arms out and screaming, "TOKYO TOMATO." In reality, what he thought was time stopping was everyone freezing in the face of such an awkward spectacle and then resuming business after five seconds.

Deeo was a handsome devil.