Deltoid Metal City

Colossal megalopolis built around a large encampment of Nightmare Signs. The city's population density has caused its citizens to evolve into humans who are a mere nanomanometer wide. Despite this, their mass is that of a normal human's due to their sheer muscle density. Deltoid Metal City's citizens are called Nightlings, and they are most well-known for their convincing Nightmare cosplays. Indeed, if they weren't so thin, the average bumbler would mistake a Nightling for the long-dead Nightmare.

The city's government is founded under a death metal competition. The currently presiding mayor is Thernz. Needing money on the side, he decided to partake in the city's contest, and won after pounding the city's Frightful Obelisk with Dicks in the Side. Unaware of the competition's first place prize being governance over the city, Thernz was forced into dictatorship over the muscleful township. But Thernz's true passions are in saccharine pop, and he is aggressively pursuing music reforms that will replace guitars with idols.

Several Nightlings have assembled assassination squads.