Delusiongis Khan

Delusiongis Khan is a strange impostor of God King Genghis K. He appears to be a bearded Grosstodeswalder of culturally ambiguous fashion. Experts believe his is propagating racist ideas of the God King Country, but the outfit is so inaccurate that no one gets the impression it's God King, let alone, human. This has caused many to believe Delusiongis Khan is actually a devil in disguise, who simply has no grasp on human culture. Further evidence towards this is directed toward his troupe of human singers. Delusiongis Khan does not talk at all, preferring to spin around like a Sonic, so his troupe will interpret his dance into legible sentences.

His troupe consists of two Huge Garians, one South Aframan, and one Netherworldian.

Occasionally, Delusiongis Khan and his troupe will wear racially stereotypical clothing of Eurumpean ethnic groups. These tend to be at least 5% more true to their supposed inspirations.

All that's certain is that Delusiongis Khan is undoubtedly evil as he was invented by Grosstodeswalder schlager producer, Ralph der Satan, who is responsible for 99.999999% of the Grosstodeswalder music in Eurumpovision, a mass shrieking contest.

Video footage of the troupe performing mass evil ritual.