Also known as a devil. A demon is a being that serves Satan and originates in Hell. Demons have an inherent love for violence and mischief, making them endearing figures for sociopaths and a nightmare for anyone else. All demons are naked, and come in a variety of forms. Now and then, demons will possess humans who have immoderate mohawks and tattooed musclebods and take over dusty, no-name towns. Demonologists believe that demons have a great nostalgia for the Wild West and will stop at nothing to construct simulacra of that bygone era.

Demons are occasionally referred to as satans. However, they should not be confused for the real Satan. The plural usage of "satan" is a giveaway that demons are being referenced. However, "satan" occasionally is used in connection with demons. For a time, linguists fought for eradicating all uses of the word "satan" that had nothing to do with the Prince of Darkness, until said linguists realized that language had no interest in consistency, and so retreated to their leather-scented offices.

Top Demons

King of Devil
Mega Demon
Mega Battle Satan
Battle Satan
Mondo the Mega

Middle Demons

Muscle Satan
Ass Debiru Demon
Muscle Mimic
Hell Tackle Devil
Glum Rammer Lord
Ultimate Satan
Massive-Appetite-At-This-Hour Demon

Loser Demons

Hubort Demon
Gross Toad Waddler
Big Butt Satan
Primeval Tiddle
Super Deformed Satan
Pipe-dwelling Demon
Hell (Demon)