Derrrick is the owner of the most elusive nightclub in G-Urth, called Golden Gravy. He is the youngest of four brothers and the only remaining living sibling. His older brothers, Rick, Trick, and Derrick, died in a freak accident when they collided with a time ghoul.

Golden Gravy is best known for being an itinerant night club. Each night Derrrick announces the location of Golden Gravy by locking himself in the men’s room at a local supermarket and scat singing the address into a public address system. Those who are able to decipher the location are allowed to bring one adult guest and one child with them. Popular locations in the past have included the dumpster behind your house, the gaping maw that opened up in the park, and inside of a roving pack of dogs.

Derrrick is known for his strict night club policies, forbidding the consumption of any alcohol, drugs, or music. Partygoers are asked to stand in contemplative silence as the walls of the club move slowly inwards, crushing them. Their blood is collected in vials stored beneath the night club floors to be collected later. It is then used by the night club’s human resources department for employee orientation rituals.

For his work with Golden Gravy, Derrrick was granted stewardship of a flayed entrepreneur named Kenneth and a special commendation from the Chamber of Blood Commerce.