Devil Pot

Pot with an attitude. Hangs around the outdoors and tries to make people die by surrounding their bodies with Dark G-Bubba energy. But who would dare fill an urn with such power?

The Devil Pot has three main weaknesses, the primary one being it is a pot.

Several Devil Pots originating from Grumble Country have tried to break into stand-up comedy, but have found the lack of any ability to make sounds outside of laughter to be an impediment. One Devil Pot substituted the post of a Boss one day, but was shattered in under five seconds by a hero's sword. Yet another Devil Pot attempted to claim the world record for most consecutive rolls down a hill without dying on the side of Mount Emperor of Heavenly Fabulous (the tallest mountain among the Mega Mountains), but instantly broke after being pushed by an assistant off of a ledge.