Devin Meroslouch
Devin Meroslouch
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Devin Meroslouch was Giz's lifelong partner before the latter's fall from life. He comes from a lineage of the great kings of Gall known for their over-sized gallbladders, making him one of the small percentage of humans who need a gallbladder to survive. Meroslouch was never highly involved in the affairs of the Chapel, after being ousted by guards for his "too-emotional" performance in the Chapel's theater (which also functioned as a landfill) with Giz. After bringing some of the Chapelpeople to tears, the emasculated Chapelpeople pleaded to the Successor to kill Meroslouch and his compatriot, Giz. Alis decided to dump the two via the landfill's trapdoor as it was nearing its garbage capacity.

Waking up beneath a kilometer of filth, Meroslouch left in literal disgust, swearing to never put foot in the Chapel's halls again. In time, he had completely forgotten about it, and when the Fall of the Chapel happened, he had no recollection of who of any of the dead bodies were when he coincidentally took a stroll through Jut's Farm to fight Giz in a terrible fighting game. The Successor had freshly punched the poor farm. Shortly after, Giz fell down a pit and died. Meroslouch spent his six months of mourning building a ship in Giz's honor, but lack of willpower and disgust for his own skills led him to scrap the project. He returned to Jut's Farm and found a pit, dumping the ship into it.

With a loud clang of bones, Manfredo leaped from the pit and wrestled with Meroslouch for twenty hours before realizing it was Meroslouch. They reconciled, though Manfredo remarked that Meroslouch would be best to shed his current equipment: an enchanted zweihander gifted from CHIEFSLAPAHO420, his father's mask, and the armor of a Finnish giant. Manfredo later invited Meroslouch to Lapekto, where the two rarely spend their days.

Meroslouch frankly has better cliques to hang out with. Meroslouch once hung out with Thernz, and they took a picture together. It was derided by critics and they were both called dorks. Meroslouch hopes that Manfredo can save up enough money to visit him at his native home of Gall so Manfredo can feast his eye sockets on Meroslouch's personal collection of terrible fighting games. This is probably unlikely, as Manfredo spends his entire budget on Top Bopp pamplets.