Ding Dang Tower

Ding Dang Tower is a structure located close to the Tower of Yellowmore and Muscle Tower, and is considered to be the Second Point of Heaven in the legendary/deadly Tower Triangle.

It was originally built by an investor named Treble R. Hoovius who, in the stead of producing offspring, wished to achieve immortality in the form of a rudely conspicuous monument. True to the warnings of the developer and builders, Hoovius died before he could see the tower's completion, so tall was its design, and no one was posthumously interested in finishing the project. It is rumored than Hoovius was murdered by a bricklayer after setting down the twelve-millionth brick.

As time wore on, a nearby resurgence of demons, via a curiously unique exterior instance of a FINAL Fissure, made the tower their residence. Its terrible interior design perfectly catered to their chaotic personalities; but, because demons are fickle beings, they soon moved on and destroyed a few cities. The tower has most recently seen an influx of barrelchumblers.