The doppelgänger of a doppelgänger. It is created when a doppelgänger has a low power level, is lonely, and has an intense belief in the phrase "Three's company." A dingledöpper bears a very poor resemblance to its source material, and always looks like a sort of lumpy pumpkin (as a response to this, many people have taken to calling dingledöppers "pumpinbobbers" or simply "pumpkins"). Several esteemed zoologists believe that Duoki is not Diplo's doppelgänger but is in fact his dingledöpper; however, Duoki does not look like a lumpy pumpkin.

Important Events

During the reigning years of the Bishop of Pump XIV, an oleaginous man who went by the title "The Doppelbanger" made it his business to hunt down dingledöppers because — so he said — Space Sephiroth had told him to in a dream. One time, he was walking past a pumpkin patch and, believing all of the pumpkins to be dingledöppers, went berserk and destroyed the patch by ramming into it 9,999 times with his Harrier at the speed of POUND. After he was arrested and made aware of what he had actually done, he self-destructed in shame.