Dinosaur is also known as creature.

Evidence gathered in the past century has led paleontologists to conclude that dinosaurs were loser dragons. Also, some of clay figures discovered in the ruins of Finland assumed dinosaurs on which mankind ride. From this, some were of the option that mankind and dinosaurs lived together. Dinosaurs enjoyed a long-lived bond with the Beaumont Family, who treated the dinosaurs as massive pets.


The favored activity of these two sides was to pit one dinosaur against another in a fight to the death. Because dinosaur love to roar, each fight would be preceded by the scaly slashers roaring at one another at head-exploding frequencies anywhere from five minutes to two hours. The roar of the victor would go on even longer. Eventually, the dino-din was so intolerable that Pumpatron hurled a meteor down to g-urth, wiping out the dinosaurs along with most other lifeforms.