First Appearance Episode 1
(in the background as a
Title Apostle of the G-Arm
and Slam Gods
Rank Writer
Role Buffer/Wizard
Status In search of the G-Arm
Cause of Death Had glass box built into
Powers Knowing the definition
of art
Exploding the innards of
people with his words
(Verbal Visceral Voltage)
Abilities Art
Grim Synergy Power to objectively
judge art
Age 30
Country Duke's Joint
Height 172 cm
Weight 65 kg
Speed N/A in pillar form
Power Level biggu
Family None
Marital Status Single
Likes Badanime
Dislikes Goodanime
Treasures His Mayoi Neko
Overrun hug pillow
Hobbies Watching anime,
being an artist
Favorite Food Sushi
Forte in Sports Kendo
Fighting Style Beautiful Boxing Art
of the Slam Gods
Weapon of Choice Pillar
Attacks Mysterious Shokku
Fainaru Tekkunikku
Grand Slam
Mega Pulse
G-Ruudo Volley
Ampage Dadslap
Battle Cry "god damn"
Win Quote "what the hell is wrong
with you"
Most Unpleasant Dorplo
Weakness Wrestling
Favorite Music His own compositions
Personality Facade of Anime Skeleton
Fronting the Tower of
An unbelievably art

"Look at these bricks."

~Love, Diplo

Diplo hates wrestling.


Diplo was The Successor's oldest friend. Before The Chapel was, they were, and they were two furious and youthful youths who argued back and forth for the whole duration of their youth about the most deep and intricate facets of human life. However, soon, the flame of youth would be extinguished from these two prodigies and instead, a burning flame of friendship would take its place. Using his unrivalled art, Diplo helped The Successor out with constructing The Chapel and made it the beautiful place it was.

The Chapel would become as synonymous with Diplo's name as it would with The Successor's. Owing part of its success to Diplo, The Successor made him a high-ranking Chapel official. In time, Diplo would study more and accidentally stumble upon records of the G-Arm and the Slam Gods. These fascinated him, and soon he became known as the sagely scholar of both the G-Arm and the Slam Gods. The truths Diplo learned by studying these, however, changed his perspective on humanity. While The Successor still remained the same person from ages ago, Diplo had changed. He had an earnest desire to change humanity, and made it his holy mission (issued by the Neo Slam Gods, no less) to guide the dregs of humanity that entered The Chapel, and if that didn't work, to drive them away so The Chapel could stay the pure place it always was.

The Successor did not agree with this and, eventually, the old friends drifted apart, each in their own realm. Diplo's magnanimous nature and intense charisma were able to get him many admirers. Though they were not exactly as Diplo was, they resembled him in some ways, including their dislike of the dregs of humanity that entered The Chapel. Eventually, these people would be named as The Cult of Diplo, due to the belief that they all followed Diplo's teachings and could not waver from his path. The Chapel's fall has been partially blamed on Diplo. According to legend, Diplo was unable to bear this sorrow and fled the world. Where he is now, nobody knows.


Diplo has written a 653-page essay on why electric guitars are tied with the ukulele for world record worst instrument. Diplo is the only person who bought this essay after it was published by Piffle & Frump Publishers. When pressed on the issue by Thernz, Diplo admitted that the gratuitous opening and closing songs for Super Sentai Shows are his favorite kind of music.

Hero and Diplo once had a facetiously combative argument about horseshit. This spiraled into more fake arguments until the two developed a relationship so steeped in sarcasm and mythologically sexual tension that The Real and The Fake were no longer distinct. Eventually, Hero was banned.

Diplo's abode is Duke's Joint.

Where are the Diplos, Where are They?

Diplo has been allegedly sighted accomplishing impossible feats while stark naked, in contrast to the usual attire of a loincloth. Cryptozoologists are currently debating over if it is indeed Diplo or one of his numerous clones. A major faction, the I Love the Nude Diplo Union, argues that Diplo had to pass through a series of obstacle courses while nude in order to appease to Successor's demands before becoming God Lord Commander of Resonacia, and that the current sightings match his special naked body technique.