Disco Devil

The Disco Devil is an oft-harassed Satan who has a mortal enemy, called Disco Rebel, who seeks to dub Disco Devil out of G-Urth. This has proven difficult for Disco Rebel, for he wears shirts carved from solid blocks of iron that severely limit his mobility.

Disco Rebel may actually be a sleeper cell subconsciously seeking to carry out Satan's space program by driving Disco Devil into space. In any case, Disco Devil does not appreciate this. Disco Rebel wantonly pursues Disco Devil even at fine eateries, shooting ranges, and laundry mats. So obsessed is Disco Rebel with dubbing out Disco Devil that he accidentally burned down his own studio after scrawling undecipherable text all over it. The text was written in Hell Bomb Ink, which tends to explode after it dries.

Since then, Disco Rebel has repeatedly claimed that he destroyed the studio on purpose after "unclean spirits" began to reside in its vicinity. Some people believe this refers to a nasty toilet incident when the Disco Devil was chased inside the studio's bathroom as part of a complicated ruse, wherein Disco Rebel tried to lure Disco Devil into a false sense of security by becoming "friends." Locked in the bathroom for several days, the Disco Devil made a grand escape after deliberately exploding his own intestines.