Doblinuts are cryptid goblins that some people believe inhabit donut bakeries across the world. They resemble goblins put through major physical altercations. Doblinut is an slamicized derivative of the ancient Finnish word donitsi.

Most scholars deny the existence of the doblinut and suggest if it was really real, there would be a greater evil than the Dark Slam Gods, which is completely inconceivable. Believers in the doblinut are put to death for their thought-crimes, and it is said this is actually the secretive Doblinut's assassination method.


Doblinuts are usually sighted in groups and are capable of ho powering up into Doblinut Chieftains. These doblinuts are described as doblinuts who have gone mega. They will instill fellow allies with bravery, a feeling that increases slamming power. Interestingly, they are immune to physical attacks. This is possibly because attackers are usually in disbelief and this weakens their own physical prowess for how do you hit something when you question its very physical existence?

Other variants of doblinuts include munchkins, audiophiles whose ears have transformed into Sennhauser headphones, borgbears, who are a northern equivalent and have hooks on their head (suggesting the existence of Goblincranes), Moblins, who are merely palette swaps, Buccaboos, closely related to bugaboos, and Gancanaghs. These all have their respective mega forms: Munchkin Maestros, Borgbear Heroes, Major Moblins, Buccaboo Aces, and Gancanagh Aces.