A dick is a sort of organ that occurs naturally in the wild. It is on half of the world's population. Its functions are not entirely understood, but it has garnered admirable reception from many cultures. Nightmare and Antique Table are both known for being obsessed with the word, though it is not certain if that obsession applies to the actual organ.

The dicks of humans have long since been vestigial, much to the disappointment of those of the dick-havers. The Human Pumphole has long since adopted the original use of the dick, and to much better effectiveness. Reasons include: a close connection to the gods, genes are alterable allowing for min-maxing, and not gross.

Despite their uselessness, dicks are often used in bodybuilding circles as the third arm and many nations host contests testing the strength of bodybuilder dicks. However, dicks, in a biological sense, are ho most useless. This is because they are extremely vulnerable to kicking, are only at their 100% POWERFUL when witnessing powerful beings (thus rendering them useless in lesser combat), and expel fluids, thereby reducing a human's body mass, when it is pivotal in most bodybuilding circles to become grand colossal.

Dicks in the side is a common ailment in The Land of Dragons, and is known as "the worst."

Dicks appear many times in the legend.