Dodongos are a large species of fire-breathing lizard found all across the world, but usually inhabit the surrounding area of Diplo's home, Wasserjungfer Heights. A member of the Dongae family, the dodongo is the largest member of its species, sizing over the Kodondo, another member of the family, ten to one. They can grow up to 10 meters long, weighing up to 100 kilograms, though there have been unconfirmed reports of 1,000 kilogram dodongos residing near Wasserjungfer Heights. The dodongo may be related to the Dongorongo. The reason for their gigantic size has been attributed to the Slam Destiny, which dictates that the Slam Gods have personally selected species to represent the best of Slam. Those whose strengths are incurred by the Slam Destiny would engage in an endless war against the Dark Slam Gods at the End of Time. Recent research suggests it was the first dodongo, likely the size of a dildo, that made a covenant with the Slam Gods. In this regard, the dodongo is a magnificent yet tragic creature.

The tragedy resounds in every dodongo's consciousness. Despite lacking the abstraction of their genetic trade-off, dodongos carry with them a swollen world-weariness. Because of this, their hearts build up a strong passion, which the dodongo may then use to create and spew flame. The dodongo is not only a muscular and strong being, it is also capable of formidable long range offenses. The amount of rage and melancholy in each puff of fire is enough to kill a dozen men. This is how intense the dodongo feels. Dodongos also have a very tough and scaly hide. It is said that only 1 out of 100 swords can decently penetrate a dodongo's skin. The alternative is usually to attack the tail instead which is much more fleshy and less sturdy. Dodongos, however, have been known to kill adventurers with a swift tail attack. It is said the amount of g-forces created from the tail swipe is enough to match Raiden's high-frequency blade.

However, adding to the tragedy of the dodongo, is how its accidental boon, fire-breathing, can be used against it. Dodongos are, to be frank, very stupid. A simple bomb is enough to destroy a dodongo. They can be easily tricked into eating bombs, because they resemble the dodongo's favored meal, the bangerfruit. And once, the bomb explodes, the dodongo's rough, scaly, and almost impenetrable exterior is a futile defense as its innards are completely decimated.


Most people say the dodongo was personally named by Diplo. There are many historians and scholars who argue against this theory as the dodongo's name has appeared in numerous records long before Diplo's birth. However, others argue that Diplo was capable of time-travel and once hearing the dodongo's name, realized his own destiny in naming the humble lizard.


Dodongos are known as solitary creatures, but some zoologists have uncovered a vast and complex system of relationships in regard to the dodongo. Dodongos actually live in a hybrid form of solitude-hierarchy. All dodongos report to a King Dodongo, usually the alpha male. Despite how the dodongos are spread out except when around the territory of a King Dodongo, all dodongos exhibit a form of hive mentality, following the orders of the King Dodongo every night at 9 PM, usually bringing bangerfruits to his nest.

Dodongos are very aggressive because of the fate they have acquired. They will attack anything on sight. They are responsible for more than 2,000 species extinctions. A talking dodongo told a zoologist that the dodongo attack others because they feel that they must take the lives of others, to extend their own when they must fight the Dark Slam Gods for all eternity. When the zoologist questioned the validity of such an aim, considering the Slam Gods could easily bestow immortality, the dodongo ate her.

The dodongos that inhabit Wassjungfer Heights appear to love Diplo, but will attack any other human. The reasons are not clear, and Diplo has not spoken on his method on taming the dodongo.


Dodongos usually reside deep in forests, usually in caverns. Dodongos also have an affinity for heat, being lizards and also because bangerfruits grow best in warmer climates. Because of this, great dodongo communities have been spotted near volcanoes. Despite this affinity for heat, dodongos also prefer the shade, and can be found in a great number of dark places, like grottos and the like. Some usually inhabit a grotto for the purposes of waiting for prey to come to them because they are too fat and lazy. Some like the glitter of gems and reside in mines. Some people say that the dodongo is smart enough that it will go to mines, knowing humans will go inside for the g-urth for shiny things.


Despite the dodongo's apparent aggression, there are some who lament the dodongo and are trying to write up measures to de-classify the dodongo as a monster.