Dogshit Foolish University

A university founded by Glumshire's Emperior Minimuffin XIII to attract all of the dumbest people in the world and dispose of them. Dogshit Foolish University was located atop a sinkhole which Minimuffin planned to activate once every prospective student was contained. His plan backfired when only the world's smartest people joined in an extraordinary instance of collective-unconscious ironic action. However, in a further twist it was revealed in posthumous scans of the sinkhole's resonant Brain Power that all of the smartest people were in fact the dumbest and had severely overestimated themselves, throwing epistemological studies and a variety of scientific fields into utter disarray. Celebrated logician H. U. Kribald burned all his prior papers in response and penned a final essay entitled "I'm a Goober and So Are You, Dumbo."

Dogshit Foolish University has since been converted to a Dracula Hole.