Donte Manfredo Niege

Donte Manfredo Niege is the illegitimate child of Giz who was under the name of Mandus when he copulated with an angel, birthing the rebellious teen, Donte. He is perhaps the greatest Jumper in the history of mankind, something Giz is taken aback by. He holds the world record for Craziest Ways to Stay in the Air and the most Fucks in Conversational History.

As a child, he grew up fascinated by Diplo's collection of television shows focused on a white-haired rad man named Dante, who mostly ate pizza and fought demons. However, upon reaching puberty, Donte cast away his love for Dante, saying Dante was too cheesy while eating a cheese pizza and smoking a cigarette he found in a dumpster. He turned his attention to Bangers, whom he saw as the real epitome of cool.

Despite his apparent distaste for Dante, he habitually copies Dante all the time when fighting Demons, albeit more clumsily. He wears an over-sized jacket to hide his underdeveloped shoulders, which he claims are an inheritance from that rotten father Mandus who never loved him.