Dr. Ion

Dr. Ion was a robot and a temporary member of the Four Devas, making them at that time the Five Devas. Although Dr. Ion was just as piss-poor as the other Devas at taking down Gene "God Hand" Gene, coiner of the phrase "gene-slammed", he was promptly ejected from the group upon exploding.

Dr. Ion somehow returned after Gene Gene punched an obelisk in a desert. He was defeated once again, despite wearing red rather than blue clothing, and did not reassemble.

Origin of name

It was never known if Dr. Ion was a doctor or if he assumed the label for the sake of impressing others. One scholar, Billion Billion University's G. Wee Gubbum, believes that the rationale lay in Dr. Ion being powered by electricity, which is a scientific phenomenon. This has introduced another mystery, however: why Gubbum believes that doctors study natural phenomena.


Dr. Ion's brain was controlled by a crow.