Dracula Hole

A hole full of Draculas. One would do well not to fall in.

More common around the height of the Muscle Satan population, as Muscle Satans have a habit of digging holes to Hell (or at least in the direction of where they think Hell resides). Naturally, this resulted in many a deep hole, and the unearthing of angry Draculas who had long lived in embedded subterranean slumber, but who had also lost the ability to turn into bats.

A majority of the holes were later covered up by Rumple Beaumont, a vagabond who possessed arm musculature that rivaled the Ultimate Warrior's. Beaumont accomplished this by filling the holes full of Giga Garlic Bulbs, taken from an unknown reserve, thus both plugging the holes and snuffing out the Draculas below. Beaumont could not finish this task, for he was accidentally pushed into one while filling it by Brandy Brendo's butt.

The deepest Dracula hole ever found was estimated to be around three miles deep. It still exists on God Hell Island's highest point, and contributes to said place's terrible aura. A school of rarely seen skyfish lives in this hole.

The exploration of Dracula holes is a continuous and extensive process. No single hole has been fully mapped, but there have been attempts, such as the one here.